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Message from the Chairmen

Years of work to design EVS 24 has come to an end and is crowned with great success and we are ready to celebrate 40 years of EVS and 20 years of the World Electric Vehicle Association.

When this is being written we are on the way towards registering 1000 participants from 45 nations. Over 300 persons will attend the Anchor Day Summit “City Challenges, to achieve better places to live, work and travel”, workshops and tutorials. There will be an “E-Visionary” city award.

The conference will consist of some 350 presentations. Awards for the best oral and dialogue session papers will be handed over.

The exhibition covers over 5000 m2 and consists of 100 reputable companies from close to 40 nations spread over 70 booths.

The EVS Viking Rally is on with 20 cars on the 570 km Hydrogen Road from Oslo to Stavanger plus 7 joining in the Electric Road.

We are simply overwhelmed by the turnout !

The financial crisis that caused other events to close has certainly also had an impact on our event, but the facts show that it is a very successful EVS. This could be taken as a proof that companies, institutions and individuals are carrying on designing for and planning The Future regardless of temporary financial turmoil.

When YOU read this, you will know that YOU were one of the many that in sum constitute the success of EVS 24. The chairmen also want to express gratitude and praise to the people at Stavanger Forum that for years now have been at it together with us. Finally but not least our thanks are extended to Peter van den Bossche – webmaster and database administrator- and Thor Erik Musæus – Deputy Chairman EVS 24 Stavanger Organizing Committee and all other good helpers.

All together – to do the overall design, the planning and the detailing of EVS 24, the 40th jubilee in the series, has been a huge operation. It has been a great pleasure working with so many dedicated people. Years of great teamwork is coming to an end. Memories are plenty. It has simply been a great time and a privilege to have been part of shaping EVS 24.

Now please enjoy the EVS days in a spring dressed Norway, in the county of Rogaland, in the city of Stavanger.

2008 – 04 - 26


Chairman of the Conference Chairman of the International Steering Commitee Chairman of the International Program Committee
AVERE/WEVA President
Chairman of the Stavanger Organising Committee
Vrije Universiteit Brussel

EVS24 - The Postscript by Chairman Harald Røstvik